6. Q&A: Do you have any routines that help you stay productive and focused?

Coffee, Harry Potter series, music - Ready, Set, Draw!
A: I certainly do have routines to help me stay productive and focused. Some artists have a hard time focusing when it comes to background noises or when their computer is around them.  Personally, I love to have either a selection of soundtrack music or a good movie that I have seen many times before on my computer.  Having something familiar and pleasing in the background brings me to a comfortable and productive place. Another nice benefit of having a movie on the computer, is that it helps me from getting distracted by surfing the web.  Throughout the years I have kept a small library of photo references, but of course there are those times when I do have to surf the web for something specific, but even so, I like to do all my research before I begin my drawing and painting process.

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