Q & A Saturdays

The following questions have been submitted to me by art enthusiasts and those who are also interested in following a career in the arts. These answers are based on my own experiences and I cite my inspirations to help show my own process in navigating through this challenging but amazing field.

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Q&A Links:

1. Q&A: What children's book illustrators have influenced your work?

2. Q&A: Have you always wanted to be an artist, even when you were a child?

3. Q&A: Do you have any words of advice to give to kids and young adults who want to pursue a career in the arts?

4. Q&A: Is it necessary to have a college degree to be an artist?

5. Q&A: What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

6. Q&A: Do you have any routines that help you stay productive and focused?

7. Q&A: Why do you illustrate? Why not just make art pieces to hang on a wall?

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